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Dynamic inflow: yawed conditions and partial span pitch control


The objective of the project is the validation of 'Engineering Methods' for dynamic inflow as applied to yawed misalignment conditions and partial span pitch transients. The models for yawed flow will be developed in the JOULE I 'Dynamic Inflow' project (JOUR-0083). Those for partial span pitch transients will be derived from the present project, as an extension to the (full span) pitching transient models of the JOULE I project.

To enable the validation, an extensive measurement program is carried out in the project, on the insrumented WPS-30 turbines of the Sexbierum wind farm (NL) and on the 16 m diameter UNIWEX experimental turbine (D). For partial span pitching transients, measurements on the Howden 55 m wind turbine will be used. Calculations made with the models will be compared with the measured results, for model improvement and validation. This validation will mainly be on the level of resulting loads. For a more detailed understanding of the flow phenomena involved, comparsions will also be made with results of more sophisticated free vortex wake computer programs.

The project must result in validated dynamic inflow models to be used in the aerodynamic design codes used by wind turbine designers and analysts. It is to be expected that these models shall eventually replace the standard blade element momemtum methods now in use in such codes.

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