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Stand alone PV house: high efficiency appliances


The development of the stand-alone solar house market is limited by the high price of solar generators. The purpose of the present project is to bring down the price, and thus boost the market, by reducing the size of the generator for the same service.

The project will survey the efficiency of appliances for the main types of consumption, lighting, washing machine, iron, etc... and will focus mainly on the two following appliances:
- refrigerator/freezer; the programme will use the experiences gained from up to 14 years use in French overseas Territories and Pacific Islands, in private and common houses, hospitals and hotels. The programme will introduce these new features :
* adaptation to environmental norms: research on a new small compressor system, adapted to a DC supply, replacing R12
* high efficiency DC powered mixed freezer/refrigerator
* partial direct cooling system, saving energy lost until now in any solar generator on the overcharge position
* distribution of cold drinks without opening the box
* special eutectic evaporator
- TV set; the work consists of replacing the AC power supply to a TV set by DC, including demagnetization :
* wide screen, energy saving, DC powered TV set
* adapted to direct satelite reception + DC supply for videorecorder.

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