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Innovative mechanisms for the dissemination of energy-efficient building and product research


Throughout the Community building designers, builders and planners require a wide range of technical information on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. The INNOBUILD project aims to interpret and exploit the results of European R & D on rational use of energy in buildings so that their implementation is facilitated, the energy efficiency in buildings improved and the environmental impact minimized.

1. Upgrading Apartment Buildings

An architectural ideas competition for retrofitting apartment buildings to improve energy efficiency related specifically to central and eastern Europe.

2. Design and construction aids

A range of new design and construction aids will be prepared and disseminated at a wide scale to all sectors of the European
construction industry. The aids will mainly take the form of regional information packs, each targeted at a specific sector, consisting of drawing board aids, design and construction guidelines and appropriate regional data.

3. Education resource materials

Prepare and disseminate teachers' Resource Packs in support of energy conservation topics at undergraduate level and aimed at building engineers as well as architects. These sets of undergraduate teachers' materials will each comprise a coherent integrated suite of
multi-media teaching resources (text, slide, OHP transparency, poster, video) designed to be of support in the various European curricula, for lecture/seminar/practical teaching methods.

4. Energy Conscious Architecture Exhibition

The preparation of a poster exhibition and catalogue to be distributed to schools on architecture, libraries, and key design offices, and supplied for display at exhibitions and conferences throughout the EC. The exhibition will illustrate and summarize in graphical form (with a limited amount of text in the nine languages) energy issues and design solutions contained in a representative range of recent European buildings of high architectural quality, and will be accompanied by an A4 catalogue.

5. Dissemination Services

INNOBUILD will undertake dissemination activities and provide Research Digest, Newsletter and mailing list services to co-ordinators of projects relating to the building sector within the JOULE 2 programme.

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