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Terschelling PV system research


The main objective of the R&D activities at the Terschelling PV/wind system is to develop a medium sized autonomous system (demand 50,000-200,000 kWh per year) which is suitable as a reliable source of energy for hospitals or workshops in remote areas.

The system achieved 90-99% reliability during operation, the small lapses in operation occurred at the start of the monitoring when it was realised that the college's energy demand was much less than had originally been estimated (40 MWh rather than up to 100 MWh). There were also a few interruptions with the diesel system. The share of renewables was 70-80%, about half of which was provided from wind and a quarter from PV. Costs of the system were comparable to those of a pure diesel system if the rating of the hybrid is optimised. The hybrid system becomes competitive if fuel prices are higher than 0.71 ECU/l.
The specific goals of the ongoing project are to
- obtain long-term data with respect to component ageing,
- develop advanced PV-system and battery control strategies.
Experience in Europe with hybrid PV/wind/diesel/battery systems is very limited. An important issue in the further improvement of these systems is the performance and the ageing of the battery.

The main deliverables of the project will be an optimised battery control method and an optimised system control strategy. At the same time, data with respect to component ageing will be available and the system will be available as test bench for other newly developed components and control methods.

Results from the project will be important for the economical and technical design optimisation of medium size autonomous hybrid systems and for the successful introduction of these systems as a reliable energy source for hospitals or workshops in remote areas.

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