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Vestas V55 - IMW wind turbine


VESTAS being the worlds largest windturbine manufacturer is convinced that there is a big market for MW size windturbines in Europe, the U.S.A. and other markets. This is why VESTAS has begun to develop the V60.

The new VESTAS turbine in the MW range will be a 3 bladed pitch regulated up wind turbine.

The rotordiameter will be 60 m and the installed generator capacity will be between 1.2 and 1.5 MW (depending on an optimization project).
New features such as variable speed and individual regulation of the blades will be examined. Both features could give a reduction of loads and an increase of the yearly output. Unfortunately both features will give an increase in the complexity of the turbine, and of course thereby questioning the reliability. A final decision on whether or not to implement these features will depend on the preprojects concerning these items.

The blade concept will be more or less similar to the V39-500 kW design with a beam and separate skins. The materials will be glass-epoxy probably as prepreg. The root connection will be in aluminum. Cast iron will be used for components such as hub, main bearing housing and yawing ring. A special gearbox with planetary and double two step helical gearsets will likely be used as a two generator solution seems to be the optimal for the moment. The whole nacelle will be designed with consideration to transport and erection, as one of the most important factors. The tower will be designed both in a steel and a concrete version.

The controller will be of a new generation giving extreme high performance, and a large expansion of internal memory in order to be able to collect more statistical data.

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