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Content archived on 2024-04-19

The CdTe Thin Film Solar Cell. Study of selected technical aspects


The CdTe thin film solar cell has achieved the highest efficiency of all such cells. To reach a better understanding of the critical steps and apply it to improving the production of commercial cells, the project will concentrate on what are, at present, the most critical aspects of the CdTe thin film solar cell, namely :
- The CdS-film, which strongly determines the opto-electronic as well as the morphological properties of the cell.
- The CdTe-film, which which plays a determining role in the electronic properties of the finished cell, such as series resistance and maximum open-circuit voltage. Main aspects are : Doping and contacting the CdTe film, and the activation process utilizing the empirically optimized CdCl2-process.

A strong interaction between the partners in this project will prevail in the exchange of semi-completed cells, their study and completion as operative cells by the various techniques. In a joint effort all partners will try to define optimised process steps for production of the CdTe thin film solar cell and evaluate their influence on the production processes. This will lead to a better understanding of the cell in general and the introduction of procedures suitable to low cost production of high-efficiency cells.

Nine partners from six European countries including two EFTA countries have joined the project. They are using different deposition techniques for CdTe and various analytical methods.

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