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The CdTe Thin Film Solar Cell. Study of selected technical aspects

Exploitable results

The ability to achieve high efficiency at low production costs is one of the primary aims in the development of thin film solar cells. The study under-taken during this project has gone some way towards achieving this by providing an improved understanding of the critical steps in CdTe cell manufacture. This increased knowledge will be applied through improved commercial technical production procedures, which will contribute to lowering the future production costs of these high efficiency cells. The cost of production of thin film solar cells is currently high, particularly for those demonstrating high efficiencies. The CdTe thin film solar cell has produced high efficiency and has therefore been a target for research relating to production cost reductions. The aim of this project was to achieve a better understanding of the basic process in the deposition of the CdTe thin film solar cell and identify the other critical steps in cell manufacture. It will then apply new development processes to improve the technical production procedures of commercial cells, thus enabling the lower cost production of high efficiency cells and increasing the speed of market entry for the industrial partners.