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Formulating a strategy for energy R&D: an advisory panel on methodologies


A panel of experts will advise the EC on the formulation of European and national R&D strategies in the field of energy.

All participating organizations have a record of involvement in the formulation and execution of energy R&D strategies in national Member States: by coming together, as a panel, they will contribute to the definition of an improved EC strategy.

The panel consists of experts from 6 Member States (I, F, NL, UK, D, B) They review national approaches to the formulation of R&D strategies and recommend appropriate methodologies for the EC Such strategies must reflect the changing energy scene. In particular, they must take account of:
- different expectations of the future which will determine the demand for the products of R&D;
- the impact of current or possible future environmental legislation on energy supply and demand;
- the possible application in the energy sector of new or emerging technologies;
- the ability of EC companies and institutions to exploit the products of the R&D;
- the coverage of existing R&D programmes supported by national governments and private sector organisations.

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United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)
Harwell laboratory
OX11 0RA Didcot
United Kingdom

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