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Content archived on 2024-04-19

The development design and testing of an industrial stall rotor with teeter and flexbeam

Exploitable results

The forces acting on a turbine originate mainly from the rotor and can be influencedpositively by providing flexibility in the blade-rotor combination. The flexteeterdevelopment has been based on this fact. In this case there is flexibility in theblades while they are also fixed through a hinge to the rotor hub. The flexibility inthe blade is obtained by constructing the fixation part as a "platespring". Thereduction of the forces on the top of the turbine has its effect down to the foundation,so that the entire turbine can be designed to be lighter. The emphasis in thisproject was on the development of a two-bladed stall rotor with a teeter andflexbeam based on an extensive feasibility and sensitivity study.Project Work

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