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Atlas of the composition and isotope ratios of natural gases in north-west European gasfields


To obtain information on the quality and distribution of hydrocarbon gases present in north-western European gas fields, with an overview of the amount and extent of contaminants such as H2S and N2.

Although the work will concentrate on Permian basins, it will also include Carboniferous and Mesozoic gas fields in the UK and Denmark. Collation and integration of existing data will be combined with new analytical, geological and source rock data to provide an Atlas. This will give an insight into the distribution of large-scale petroleum-bearing geological units, their gas qualities and composition and the relationship between geological history, source rock composition, hydrocarbon gas generation and fluid transport. The systematic determination of isotope ratios will improve the understanding of hydrocarbon gas provenance.

This evaluation will lead to a better understanding of the border areas of Germany, The Netherlands, UK and Denmark, the variations in gas quality, the geological setting of the gas fields, the limits of the gas provinces and the opportunities for further discoveries.

The gas fields of north-west Poland will be incorporated in this study by way of a PECO contract.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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