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Evaluation of cogeneration and small power production potential with packaged fuel cell power plants within EEC and EFTA countries


Fuel cells are clean and efficient electricity generators and are most cost-competitive for small scale (below 2 MW) production where gas turbine systems are not cost efficient. Currently, power is generated on a large scale and in a centralized mode. However, there are indications that decentralized electricity generation could be developed in the future.
This project will assess the European market potential for small scale cogeneration with fuel cell powerplants, in particular with respect to packaged systems (power generation below 2 MW) and identify the major incentives and obstacles to the commercial dissemination of these types of power plant in Europe.

The general approach to achieve the goals of the project will be the collection and arrangement of several sorts of data related to the implementation of small scale (packaged units) fuel cells.

As combined production of heat and power will be the dominant motive for the use of these systems, an inventory will be made of the existing situation for the common cogeneration units.

The complete field of interest will be split up in a number of work packages all of them connected to main issues with respect to the potential of the systems under view in European areas.

Within this framework regulations, prescriptions and standards with respect to important technical aspects will be determined. Also deciding economical aspects (gas and electricity prices, possible stimulation of cogeneration and advanced systems) as well as environmental factors will be part of the study.

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