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European solar radiation atlas


Objectives and Deliverables : A "Solar Radiation Atlas"
will be produced providing meteorological and radiation information for solar architects and engineers. The geographic area will cover the whole European continent and the bordering regions on the Mediterranean of North Africa and Asia.

The information will be in form of the following deliverables: - an atlas with multicoloured maps displaying global and diffuse/direct solar radiation, air temperature, humidity and other information in the form of tables and diagrammes.

- a PC-data base and programme package containing the information in the atlas in digital form to permit the generation of meteo- and solar radiation input data for the most important design problems in solar passive and active technology. A problem-oriented package of PCprogrammes for the most common engineering applications will be included.
- a users guide book Additionally - as the first and most urgent action - the European Solar Radiation Atlas of 1984 will be reprinted (English language only) with minor adjustments and a PC-compatible database.

Brief DescriPtion of the Resarch Project
1. Reprinting of the 1984 European Solar Radiation Atlas
In order to give satisfaction to numerous reclamations from researchers, teachers and students, the old atlas will be reprinted (in English language only) with slight modifications and with a digital version of the tabulated measured radiation values as well as the major subroutines for calculating derived values (radiation on inclined surfaces etc.).
2. Preparing the new Atlas
The whole project will cover 5 distinct tasks which all have - a task leader - a working group
- an input - a working period
- an output - a reporting scheme.

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