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Geomechanical modelling and anisotropy at the reservoir scale


The research proposed is aimed at understanding and predicting the geomechanical behaviour of reservoirs.
One part of the project will study these properties at the core scale in laboratory experiments with particular reference to fractures and natural discontinuities. The deformation and fracturing behaviour revealed in these tests will be compared with that simulated with existing (DIANA) 3D geomechanical modelling software.
The second part of the project will study fracturing behaviour at the reservoir scale by upscaling the laboratory determined rock mechanical properties to provide input data for DIANA and comparing the model performance with deformation (geodetic, burial graphs), gravity and microseismic measurements reported for reservoirs. The new modelling capability will be a significant new tool for researching and constraining the flow of fluids through reservoirs. At the same time a spin off understanding geomechanical behaviour is expected in forward and inverse (palinspastic reconstruction) geological modelling and predicting effects on mining of minerals, groundwater and hydrocarbons and storage of C02 and gas.

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