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Power quality of wind turbine generating systems and their interaction with the grid


This project sets out to understand the interaction between a wind turbine generating system (WTGS) and the Electrical grid to which it is connected.
Turbines may be in the form of farms, clusters or isolated machines whilst the grid can vary in stiffness from strong to isolated systems. Unlike other power plant WTGS cannot respond to consumer demand but are controlled by the nature of the wind which is highly variable. Thus the standard definitions of power quality for electrical power plant do not necessarily apply to WTGS.

The overall objectives of the project are:
- To identify the technical issues involved in defining power quality. - To measure and analyse the power quality of typical turbine generating systems in grids of varying stiffness.
- To perform a comparative survey of typical existing installations to identify the nature of the interaction between the WTGS and the grid. - To create a common technical basis for the prediction and measurement of power quality.

The aim of this study is to increase understanding of the interaction between a wind turbine generating system and the electrical grid. Throughout the European Community, the introduction of wind turbines onto electrical networks can potentially reduce power quality to levels unacceptable to the host utility. Problems can arise even on strong grids when large numbers of turbines are clustered closely together. The introduction of new generation variable-speed turbines having frequency conversion electronics will lead to greater problems.

The starting point will be the development of common assessment and measurement procedures and the identification of wind turbines or wind farm sites throughout the European Community where measurements have been made.
Data measurement programmes will be undertaken on stiff, weak and stand-alone rural grids and will include wind farms in areas of high resource and complex topography. The usefulness of existing analysis packages will be appraised by comparing their predictions with the real data.

The results of this project will permit the prediction and subsequent measurement of the interactions of wind turbines with grids of varying stiffness. The work will be performed by a variety of European Institutes, Universities and Utilities, in order to obtain best use of their expertise. The work is pre-competitive in nature and is regarded as an essential step in the integration of wind turbine systems on to the grid.

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