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Fluid flow in dual permeability hydrocarbon reservoirs


Interim guide to fracture interpretation and flow modelling in fractured reservoirs

Autores: GILLESPIE P A ET AL (EDITORS) (Liverpool University, Fault Analysis Group (GB))
Publicado en: EUR 17116 EN (1997) 203pp., FS, free of charge (euroabstract 35/271), 1997, Página(s) 203, ISBN 92-827-8812-1

Exploitable results

Fluid flow in dual permeability hydrocarbon reservoirs. Summary: Improved methods were developed for the analysis and modelling of fractures in dual permeability hydrocarbon reservoirs. The techniques can be applied to fractured reservoirs, where accurate reservoir simulations are required to control production rates and avoid water breakthrough and hydrocarbon loss. Dissemination of the results has been aided by a published guide to fracture interpretation for reservoir geologists and engineers. The approach will assist industrial operators in the planning and development of dual permeability reservoirs and in optimising their production performance.

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