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Advanced pv/wind hybrid plants

Exploitable results

PV/wind hybrid plants are in an early stage of development and it has been recognised that most early designs require improvements to their operating efficiency and a reduction in their manufacturing cost. The new system designed and developed during this project represents a significant advance in this technology. Renewable energy sources like the sun and wind do not supply constant power. When combining solar energy with wind energy a more continuous supply is achieved since the two sources complement each other. A diesel generator usually serves as a backup for periods with higher power demand. During the early development of PV/wind hybrid systems various designs have been reviewed, but each has limitations with respect to operating efficiency and cost. The aim of this project was to standardise the design of a PV/wind hybrid system in order to lead quickly to a marketable product, which simultaneously improves efficiency and reduces costs after project completion. This was to be achieved using a central power conditioning unit, i.e. an innovative, self-commutated bi-directional inverter incorporating many innovative features. The design was to be installed and tested under both laboratory and field conditions for short and long-term data acquisition.