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Comparison of entrained phase and fluidized bed gasification of biomass with respect to problems related to feeding and hot gas cleaning


The objective of the project is to gather reliable information for process development in advanced thermochemical conversion of biomass on industrial terms.
Essentially two technical concepts are possible as a potential conversion process: the fluidized bed and the entrained phase reactor. So far, traditionally, conventional fluidized bed technology has attracted most attention, but lately the circulating fluidized-bed and the entrained phase concepts have been coming increasingly into focus in such contexts. This comparative investigation will contribute to the evaluation of the systems elected and of their potential in combined cycle applications.

DMT-Gesellschaft für Forschung und Prüfung bmH Essen, March 18, 1994 DMT-Institute for Cokemaking and Fuel Technology Brief Description of the Research Project (file CT930347.AB) Pressurized biomass gasification constitute chemical processes that are thermodynamically favorable but has still a number of practical problems to be solved with respect to reactor and process design. Typical issues that are significant to the overall process performance are fuel feeding and hot gas cleanup (particulate, tar, and alkali metal removal).
The evaluation of suitable gasifier for biomass gasification will take place with the existing test rigs at DMT and LIT.
The two selected concepts, i.e. entrained phase and PCFB gasification, will be compared and evaluated with respect to gas yield and gas optimization for their potential in biomass based IGCC applications.
At DMT the entrained phase test rig will be used for pyrolysis/gasification of biomass fuels giving a possibility to compare with results obtained from coal and peat.
A second generation high temperature, high pressure fluidizedbed gasifier for test purposes is being installed by LIT. The test rig introduces some novel features such as on-line feed of biomass, the hot gas cleaning, and hot pressurized sample withdrawel.
A detailed comparison of the gasification products obtained has never been done before. Tars collected from the processing plants will be characterized at CRE in detailed using advanced analytical methods developed during previous projects. The variation in tar composition with feedstock and process conditions will be determined and such information will be correlated with the tars thermal and catalytic cracking behaviour to enable identification of optimum processing conditions. Thermal and catalytic cracking will also be investigated to determine the product yield patterns from wood pyrolysis tars.
The project as a whole will produce data that should be used in bringing high pressure gasification processes to a stage where decisions can be made about full scale optimization and implementation.

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