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Comparison of entrained phase and fluidized bed gasification of biomass with respect to problems related to feeding and hot gas cleaning

Exploitable results

The project was a comparative investigation of advanced biomass gasification processes based on pressurised entrained phase and fluidised bed reactors. Other aspects of biomass for combined cycle power generating systems were also investigated: feeding into pressurised systems; hot gas cleaning including filtering; catalytic hot gas reforming and tar cracking; and alkali measurement and removal. The data produced will prove useful in bringing high pressure gasification processes to a stage where decisions can be made about full-scale optimisation. In biomass, reliable information is needed for developing advanced thermochemical conversion processes on an industrial scale. Essentially two technical concepts for potential conversion processes are conceivable: the fluidised bed and the entrained phase reactor. So far, the conventional fluidised bed technology has received most attention, but lately the circulating fluidised-bed and the entrained phase concepts have attracted increasing interest. This project was a comparative investigation of selected systems, aimed at evaluating their potential in combined

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