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Break-through development of an innovative thermo-electrical stirling converter to qualify for reliable utilization with solar/biomass derived energy


Objectives and deliverables :

The aim of the project is the development of an innovative thermo-electrical Stirling Converter (TEC) powered by biomass energy to be tested in a biomass converting system (developed under project JOU2-CT92-0118).

Deliverables are the construction and test of an HM-Stirling pilot unit (40kW) which is reliable and suitable for operation in stand-alone conditions powered with biomass derived fuels.

JOULE-II Contract JOU2-CT93-0372 BREAKTHROUGH DEVELOPMENT OF AN INNOVATIVE THERMO-ELECTRICAL STIRLING CONVERTER TO QUALIFY FOR RELIABLE UTILIZATION WITH SOLAR/BIOMASS DERIVED ENERGY In the field of Thermo-Electrical Conversion the TEC Stirling engine with external combustion can avoid the disadvantages of conventional techniques (typically gas engines with internal combustion) and result in the following advantages:
- long lifetime
- low maintenance needs
- external low emission combustion
- low noise emission
- no lubricating oil thus no oil disposal
- no need of cooling and filtering of hot gases as biogas
- far-reaching independence from gas composition and quality
- integrated electric generator
- even comparatively low power machines economically viable. This project will be undertaken at European level together with the research centre ECAP SA/Greece to use European know-how in this field, thus spreading the results and new energy technologies over Europe.

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