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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Atmospheric pressure combustion of pulverised coal and coal based blends for power generation


This proposal is concerned with a co-ordinated programme of research to determine the effects of coal quality and blending on the performance of pulverised coal fired power plant boilers equipped with advanced firing technologies for pollution control. The project consists of combustion experiments at the laboratory, semi-industrial and the full industrial scale, coal characterisation, fluid dynamic and chemical kinetic studies and comprehensive mathematical modelling.

The specific tasks of the project are:
- experimental research on the firing of pulverised coal in conditions pertaining to utility boilers
- research at a range of scales, from full industrial scale, through near- and semi-industrial scales, and ultimately through to and including laboratory scale;
- research such that there will be a significant improvement in the general understanding of the relationship between "laboratory measurable" coal properties, and the combustion and pollutant emission performance of the pulverised coal in the combustion chamber of a utility boiler; - research into the effect of blending two or more coals, and coals with biomass, upon the combustion and pollutant emission performance of these blends, under similar conditions, and using similar techniques; - in parallel, to pursue experimental and theoretical research aimed at improving the general capability of using mathematical models for the prediction of combustion and pollutant emission performance from pulverised coal firing in utility boilers;
- further development of the required advanced measurement techniques to allow the improvement of understanding of the basic combustion and pollutant formation/reduction related phenomena;
- validation of the improved mathematical models using the coal combustion and pollutant emission data, generated in the multi-scale pulverised coal and blends firing tests.

This project is complementary to JOU2-CT93-0331 and JOU2-CT93-0431

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