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Local integration of renewable energy technologies for water and fuels supply in the area of Fragocastelo (South of Creta)


The overall objective is to design and develop schemes for the local integration of renewable energy technologies (wind turbines, electricity production from biomass, micro-hydraulic power station, and several hybrid and passive energy saving technologies) for supplying water and electricity in the region of Frangocastelo (South of Chania, Crete). Specific objectives are
- Investigation of the possibilities to integrate locally the energy system for solving economical and social problems of the area.
- Development of innovative technologies for an efficient use of the local resources of energy (solar, wind, abandoned land etc.)
- Development of concepts of a sophisticated inter-connection of the technologies in order to optimise the power systems and to efficiently manage the produced energy.
- Investigate the possibilities of a wide dissemination of such systems in other regions of Crete and the Mediterranean.

The project provided methodologies to connect the three main renewable energies - wind, micro-hydro and biomass - together to supply the island population with an improved energy service. Computerised tools were designed to model the energy requirements. An intelligent energy management system was also created to take into account electricity supply and demand and water flow. It can be linked to the grid and can work out transactions for energy costs. Economic evaluation and expected results in the area were presented.
The project will investigate the integration of several renewable energy technologies for supplying water and fuel in the semi-abandoned area of Frangocastelo, (South of Crete).
The overall system concept regards not only the satisfaction of the energy requirements of the area but also the solution of crucial local economical and social problems. There is an urgent need to investigate the possible application of locally integrated systems of renewable energies in Europe. The expected results regard technical, economic and social benefits for the region. The biomass plantation will solve serious soil erosion problems in the area. The integration of several types of sources of energy in a region facing real problems will be a technical achievement. The electricity supplied will give the possibility of land irrigation. Also the biomass cultivations will give the opportunity for the people who live there to increase their income and thus remain in the region.

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