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Offshore wave energy converters


- To develop numerical and mathematical models as design tools in device design, control and optimisation.

- To design and test efficient hydraulic power conversion and control systems.

- To provide a standardisation of testing procedures and demonstrate the testing regime.

- To assess at most two wave power concepts, each representing a different group of components and technical solutions to offshore wave power conversion associated with tight-moored and slack-moored systems.
The project will deliver progress reports and a final technical report.

The project OWEC-1 has been focused on Mathematical models, Control, Tank testing and Hydraulic Power Conversion Systems. A team including 18 participating institutions from Greece, Portugal, Ireland, UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark will work together.
Mathematical models and control The main effort under will be development of standardised numerical models required as engineering tools in order to design and optimize offshore wave power converters.
As practical examples at most two systems will be investigated one tight moored and one slack moored. Tank testing Verification of the calculated performance of the device is needed by means of model tests. Standards for such tests will be assessed based on the accumulated knowledge within the team. One device model will be tested according to the proposed standardised test regime. Computer controlled hydraulics First steps in the development of advanced hydraulic motors combined with incorporated computer controlled magnetic valves will be undertaken. The research will investigate possible fatigue problems in connection with valve material and design and the associated hydraulic losses. Further examples of incorporation of advanced hydraulics in device design will be provided and the future potential evaluated. Structural engineering A preliminary design of at least one offshore converter will be proposed, based on the methodology developed under the project.

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