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Development of standard procedures for gas quality testing in biomass gasifier plant/power generation systems: a complementary study to Joule biomass gasifier projects


The overall objective is to establish a reliable and comprehensive set of standard procedures for the testing of producer gas quality from biomass gasifiers. The procedures will be useful for researchers, consultants, manufacturers and users of the technology.

One of the most effective technologies for the production of electricity from biomass is the gasifier or pyrolysis plant coupled to a gas engine. The latter would typically be an open gas turbine or an internal combusting engine generator set. Particularly gasification is widely seen as an attractive alternative for generating power due to several advantages over combustion. The major problem with this technology is the carry-over of undesireable tars and particulates into the engine or turbine. Maintenance costs are increased and the life of the equipment considerably shortened.
A wide range of technologies for production of the gas and its cleaning are available or under development. However, there is no standard method evaluating the cleanliness of the gas exiting the gasifier or the cleaning process. Such procedures are required to enable users/manufacturers of equipment to assess accurately cleaning requirements, equipment life and maintenance schedules.

From this experimental work, the significant parameters will be determined and standard protocols for testing and specifying gas quality will be drawn-up. Outputs will be in the form of a report on gas quality in four units and a draft standard for gas quality measurement in biomass gasifier and pyrolysis systems.

This work is a complementary study to contract JOU2-CT92-0208.

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