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A cost effective absorption heat pump with water as refrigerant


To develop a cost effective, energy efficient, and CFC-free absorption heat pump/cooler with high temperature lift. The planned laboratory-prototype will work with water as coolant and hydroxides as absorbent. This working pair is expected to yield a temperature lift of more than 60 K at high efficiency. This permits operation in two modes, air-cooling in summer and a heat pump in winter. The same investment pays for both cooling and heating. The reduction in the cost of the cooling tower permits further savings.

Brief Description of the Research Project: A direct-fired single-effect AHP using only inexpensive plate HX, except for the pool boiling generator, is designed and will be set up. It will have a cooling capacity of about 15 kW at a mean chilling water temperature of about 9 °C, and deliver heat at 70 °C. The high temperature lift of more than 60 K, needed for domestic heating with radiators, air-cooling, or for combined heating and cooling, is made possible by the use of water/hydroxides.
The heat and mass exchange are separated to reach reasonable heat transfer coefficients with this working pair and also to allow the use of plate HX. This keeps the cost for HX area low. The technology of separation heat- and mass-transfer will be tested, an overall HX transfer coefficient of about 3 kW/m2K is expected. The AHP then will be redesigned into a double-effect system in order to reach a high COP.
The project combines research in the field of plate HX, thermodynamic properties of hydroxides, corrosion, and adiabatic spray absorption. Research work on these different subjects is in progess at several European laboratories, a special know-how about absorption technology, corrosion, and plate heat HX is available, so that a cooperation is most favorable.
List of participants in the project: SWEP MARKETING BENELUX Contact-person: Mr. Otto Boogmann Postal address: SWEP MARKETING BV Rijksstraatweg 36 NL 7231 AG Warnsveld Telephone: +31-575030070 Telefax: +31-575030213 ZAE Bayern Contact-person: Dr. Peter Riesch Postal address: Zae Bayern Walther-Meißnerstr. 6 D-85748 Garching Germany Telephone: +49-89/329442-13 Telefaxd: +49-89/329442-12

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