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Enhancement of the efficiency of IGCC power plants


The general objective of this JOULE II research project is the further development of power stations with integrated coal gasification regarding the increase of efficiency and the reduction of investment costs in order to reach competitive electricity generation costs. The merit of this type of power generation systems is the low pollution. Therefore, they should become competitive as soon as possible in order to contribute to a remarkable reduction of noxious gas and C02 emission caused by coal-fired power plants. Further development is necessary to reach this goal. This is the more so as conventional coal-fired power plants can now be constructed with efficiencies up to 45% meeting the economic conditions due to the progress in development of new ferritic/martensitic steels. Such high temperature steam power plants, however, do not offer the special features as the afore mentioned Power generation systems (extreme low pollution, possibility of coproduction of electricity and syngas, optional C02 separation). IGCC Power plants presently under construction are designed to reach efficiencies of 43% (uggenum) and 45% (puertollano). The foreseeable progress in gas turbine development will allow not only to increase gas turbine efficiency but also to raise steam temperature and pressure. This leads to new cycle optimizations especially in the area of heat integration and waste heat utilization. Furthermore, alternative processes based on today's available gas turbines (for example the humid air turbine process) combined with coal gasification will be investigated due to the potential lower investment. The proposed project comprises thermodynamic cycle analysis, optimization with respect to efficiency and economy, evaluation of materials, conceptual layout of waste heat boilers and other heat transfer components. The results of research work in the area of gas cleaning which is carried out in other CEC projects should be made available and considered for the investigation of this proposed project.

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