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Primary measures for the control of NOx-SO2 emissions of thermal power plants using low grade coals


To extend the mathematical models for pulverised coal combustion. Calculations and experiments will take place to find the best combustion conditions for the reduction of NOx and SO2 emissions of power plants.

Low grade coals are partly used as fuels in thermal power plants. Due to the combustion process the flue gas contains a high quantity of pollutants as there are NOx, SO2 and others. The aforementioned molecules have a toxic impact on the environment and the population.

Research work has to be undertaken with the aim to obtain better control about the emissions of NOx and SO2 and to develop suitable technical equipment for significant reduction of NOx and SO2 formation during the combustion process. With this in mind two major steps will be undertaken. One is to develop a mathematical model which has to be integrated in an already existing program code. Parametric studies have to follow.

Secondly, experiments have to be carried out to validate the computational results and to find the optimal combustion conditions.

The available code allows the prediction of 3D two-phase gaseous/solid flow. This code will be used to predict the turbulent flow field, the radiative heat transfer and the combustion of pulverized coals.

Experiments will be conducted with the test facility of the IWBT at Braunschweig. The experimental furnace of the IWBT has a thermal capacity of 1 MW. Initial and final measurements will be undertaken at the Megalopolis and Ptolemais power stations by the Public Power Corporation (PPC) of Greece in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the IWBT.


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