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Data exchange format for Geological subsurface modelling techniques


In the "DEF" project GEOMOD (see contract JOUF-CT90-0025), a format for storage and exchange of 3D geophysical and geological models has been specified. The current project consists of two tasks. The first task is the development of a computer environment supporting GEOMOD data structures and I/O routines for 3D subsurface model data in order to prove its completeness and to support the different projects of the JOULE Geoscience programme by providing them with the software developed. The second task is to enlarge the scope of GEOMOD by submitting it to official standardization groups in particular to ISO TC 84 and POSC.

In the EEC Geoscience project cooperation between projects is stimulated to a high degree and consequently the need to exchange data was identified. In the DEF project within the EEC Geoscience project current (de facto) standard formats have been surveyed. For well data (AAPG-B, Schlumberger LIS) and seismic data (UKOOA, SEGY) de facto standards are selected. For 3D subsurface model data no exchange format was available up to now. It has been recognised, however, that the problem of exchanging 3D subsurface model data has a wider scope than adopted so far, namely the development of a standard environment supporting storage, importing and exporting 3D subsurface model data for third party applications (e.g. well correlation, seismic picking, 2D griding/triangulation, 3D griding and mesh generation type of applications).

Task 1 - Geomod software

Development of GEOMOD environment (data storage and I/O software) supporting the GEOMOD format.
Development of interfaces to well correlation, seismic picking, 2D mapping and 3D griding software (regular and irregular grids). The external software to be used have to be selected in agreement with the environments of the various Geoscience projects.

Task 2 - Standardization of GEOMOD

Contacts will be established with standardization and user groups (particular ISO TC 184 and POSC)
Proposed modifications, proposed by users will be evaluated and incorporated if applicable.

The deliveries are:

computer environment for 3D subsurface model data including I/O software according to GEOMOD standard definition and interfaces to various (maximum 5) applications;
manual pages (on line) for the use of the environment;
initiatives for the standardization for the proposed GEOMOD model and exchange format.

The results for task 1 will consist of an implementation of a computer environment supporting GEOMOD data structure including GEOMOD I/O or exchange software and various interfaces to the selected external modelling software packages. The result of task 2 will be an updated GEOMOD data exchange format based on change proposals and the dispersion of the results to standardization organizations ISO TC 184 and POSC.

Documents produced will consist of user documentation for the GEOMOD computer environment (on line installation and manual pages) and an updated GEOMOD format specification.


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