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European wind power integration study: the island grids


To study technical and economic aspects linked to wind power use in the power pool of the EC islands in order to better understand and promote the use of wind power and other renewable energies in these islands.

The European Community islands, whose total population exceeds 5 millions inhabitants, have a global power pool of over 3 GW that could reach 5 GW in year 2000 based mainly on diesel units with high production costs. Due to these features and to the high wind and solar potential, the EC islands represent a unique opportunity to develop the use of renewable energies for electricity production. However, it has been shown that to have, in a typical island, 10 % of the electricity produced by wind on an annual basis, the sizing of the windfarm is such that at certain moments the penetration could exceed 30 % and it is not yet clear whether such a percentage is tolerable due to technical problems (abnormal voltage and frequency variations) etc.

In order to avoid these problems, the utility may have to limit the output from the windfarms which means financial losses ; another major factor that influences the overall economic evaluation is the thermal capacity credit related to wind power; of interest is also the use of wind power in co-generation with other renewables in particular photovoltaics which also have a large potential of development in the EC islands.

In order to analyze these problems, the research project contains three parts :

- Creation of a working group and gathering of information related to wind power use in islands that will be included in a specific database.

- Precise analysis, through a specific computer code, of the overall production costs and the optimal sizing of a power pool made of diesel units and wind turbines (and possibly other renewables), taking into account demand and wind (and other NRE) profiles, loss of load, probability, spinning reserve requirements, etc.

- Study, by a dynamic model, of the voltage and frequency variation in a typical island grid under different condition ; that analysis should lead to limits for wind power that will be used by the economic model.

NB: this contract is part of an important joint study on wind power integration that is specific for each European country. This group covers following contracts: JOUR-CT89-0022; JOUR-CT89-0023; JOUR-CT89-0028; JOUR-CT89-0029; JOUR-CT89-0030; JOUR-CT9900041; JOUR-CT90-0042; JOUR-CT90-0043; JOUR-CT90-0044; JOUR-CT90-0049; JOUR-CT90-0088.


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