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Study on the next generation of large wind turbines


To investigate the relative merits of conventional and advanced design concepts for large WEC's, to determine where the optimum size may lie and to compare the relative cost effectiveness of both concepts.

The contracted work programme of the study on the next generation of large wind turbines finished at the end of 1990 ( contract No JOUR-CT89-0011 ). A draft final report issued on March 1991 outlines the essential results. They have been used for advising the Commission with respect to the forthcoming R+D programme for large wind turbines.

During the final phase of the study some very new but important technological aspects for large wind turbines entered the discussion about future technical concepts. To ensure that the study will cover those items - which very likely will play a role in the forthcoming development programme - an extention of the JOUR-CT89-0011 work programme was approved.

Considering the importance of the subject and the general interest in the results of the study, the final report will be published for a larger general use. For this, the presentation of the results will be prepared in a form which can be published as a commercially available book.

The work programme in this study will be focussed in the following technical aspects:

- Variable speed concepts
- One Blade Rotor Configurations
- Carton Fibre Rotorblades
- Direct Driven Electrical Generators
- Outlook for Vertical Axis Concepts.


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