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Linking Publishers and National Bibliographic Services

Resultado final

The BIBLINK project was undertaken in order to prove the feasibility of exchanging metadata between publishers of electronic materials and their NBA. It was anticipated that the enormous growth of material published only in electronic form would by-pass established channels of information exchange in the publishing-library information chain. The "BIBLINK Workspace" (BW) was developed which provided a Web and email interface for the creation and submission of bibliographic descriptions. A standard set of twenty-two metadata elements, called the BIBLINK Core (BC), was used as the metadata set. This comprised twelve of the Dublin Core metadata set with the addition of another ten elements that the library community saw as desirable. On receipt at the BW, the BC record was converted into the MARC format of the national library associated with the originating publisher and automatically forwarded to that library. Local procedures were then used to upgrade the incoming record to a standard that the library could use. Where desired the enhanced record was then returned to the BW and the originating publisher automatically notified. The BW used the USEMARCON application for the conversion of records between formats.