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Exploitable results

Although the linguistic and cultural diversity within the European Union (EU) forms one of Europe's strengths, it can also be an hindrance to trade between partner members, especially Small and Medium Entreprises (SMEs). For example, SMEs may be inhibited by the quality of their business correspondence. The MABLE project targeted such SMEs. It aimed to help them create high quality business letters in a language in which they are not fluent (which is typically English as a language of business correspondence). This is done by interacting with them in their native language, whilst creating suitable output in English. Note that this is not machine translation - many idiomatic phrases have equivalents that are not literal translations. More than 40 organizations have joined the Greek and Spanish user group at different stages of the project and they are certainly potential customers. Currently, MABLE allows Greek and Spanish users to produce high quality business letters in English. Project URL :