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The project aims to facilitate the development and widespread availability of terminology data across Europe, and to foster cooperation and exchange of results between developers, holders and users of terminology. In order to attain these objectives, POINTER will specify the key characteristics of a European-wide collaborative infrastructure for terminology, and carry out identification, prioritization and cost/benefit analysis of the actions required to build the recommended infrastructure. The emphasis is on meeting the needs of both intermediate and end-users across Europe, particularly in industry. The POINTER consortium includes a wide range of actors, to achieve a balanced coverage among different needs and perspectives in the multilingual terminology area. Participants include SMEs active in the field of consultancy and documentary engineering, providers of language services, associations of professionals in the terminology area, international clearing houses for information on terminological data and activities, research centres and academic institutions across Europe. The result will be a set of concrete recommendations that specify a common terminology infrastructure to support users throughout Europe in the creation, dissemination and (re-)use of multilingual terminology.

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