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The project sets out a European infrastructure for maximizing the use of terminologies by those who hold such resources, those who create them, those who disseminate them, and those who wish to use them. The emphasis of POINTER is on meeting the multilingual needs of a growing European market. The broad range of contributors and users includes commercial organizations, administrations, research institutes, higher education, and so on. Among those activities likely to benefit from improved organization of resources are: documentation and indexing; translation (human and machine-assisted) and interpreting; technical writing; marketing; product documentation; scientific, technical and medical research; training and education. The project produces an overview and analysis of the current terminological landscape in Europe, paying particular attention to its multilingual aspects, covering the different countries and regions, and examining specific subject fields. It will present a set of recommendations specifying the key characteristics of a European-wide collaborative infrastructure for terminology to support users in the creation, dissemination and (re-)use of multilingual terminology, taking into account the necessity for solving problems related to technical and methodological tools, and to economic and copyright issues. The POINTER project will lead to co-operation initiatives which will start to implement the recommended infrastructure, taking into account the emergence of European-wide initiatives like the European Language Resources Association (ELRA).

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