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The objective is to improve raw material retention on the papermachine wire. This will be achieved by extending automatic process control to this part of the papermachine, using a mathematical model of the wet end system which will be developed within the project.

The project will be tackled in four phases:

The first objective is to equip a production papermachine so that simultaneous data on retention, and up to 100 other process and product variables can be collected on a continuous basis, and transmitted to the other partners.
The second objective is to analyse mathematically the multivariate data collected from the paper machine, elaborate relationships between the inputs and outputs, and synthesis these, together with the insights developed in Phase 3, into a model describing the operation of the wet end system.
The third phase will be carried out in parallel to Phase 2, and will be interactive with it. The objective is to analyse the physical and chemical relationships within the wet end system, and develop a knowledge model based on scientific understanding of the processes.
The fourth objective is to validate the model on the papermachine, identify where it is inadequate, and introduce appropriate enhancements. During this final phase the knowledge gained during the project will be summarised for application in the automatic control of wet end systems.


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