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A low frequency transducer for ocean acoustic tomography


Ocean Acoustic Tomography is a means to determine the physical characteristics of the world's oceans. Central to the
development of this technique is the ability to design and
manufacture good low frequency transducers. In the past, a
general lack of design rules for such transducers, stemming
largely from the complex nature of the behaviour of the
devices themselves, has limited the possibility to generate
good acoustic signals for tomographic applications in the
The aim of this project is to design and develop an improved L.F. projector, well-adapted for ocean tomography
measurements, presenting the following characteristics:

- frequency range: 250 - 500 Hz
- bandwidth: Q < 4
- sound level: > 190 Db ref microPa
- operating depth: > 500 m
- total mass: < 250 kg
- efficiency: > 50%

It is anticipated that the general availability of this new
acoustic source will find ready acceptance within the EC, the US and Japan, where similar problems stemming from the lack of well-adapted transducer for tomographic applications is widely recognized in the academic and commercial sectors.

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