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Advanced manipulators for deep underwater systems


The objective of the project is to demonstrate the possibility of improving the sampling and manipulation capabilities of
underwater tele-operated or autonomous systems for industrial (e.g. maintenance operations), biological (e.g. sampling of
animals) and archaeological (e.g. sampling of finds)
applications. This will be done by using advanced grippers and manipulation control techniques. In particular, it is intended to explore the use of a tentacular flexible finger using
hydraulics rather than pneumatics for underwater use.

The expected achievements of the project are:

- Design of a multifingered gripper, with tactile and force feedback sensing facilities that can operate underwater
and are suitable for fitting to existing robot arms.

- Development of methodologies for grasp planning and
hybrid position/force control schemes.

- Design of suitable simulation tools as support for both gripper design and analysis of the control schemes.

- Design of computer control architectures to implement
grasping control schemes.

- Design of simple computer based man/machine interface for the supervision and control of grasping.

- Demonstration of the underwater behavior of the gripper attached to an existing arm and the performance of the
control schemes for a range of simple operations in a
test tank.

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