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Synthetic aperture mapping and imaging


The final objective of the SAMI project is to set up a wide
band bathymetry system based on synthetic aperture sonar
techniques already developed and evaluated in the MAST-I
project ACID. The use of synthetic aperture techniques for
bathymetry can separate between the resolution cell size and the operating frequency range. It can thus be very relevant
for high precision long range (low frequency) imaging of the sea bottom. Several techniques that can significantly increase the coverage rate, such as sub- optimal processing (e.g.
envelope synthesis), spatial under-sampling, frequency
bandwidth splitting (frequency diversity) or/and array
splitting (Vernier arrays, sub-arrays) will be investigated
either in tank experiments or in sea trials.

The scientific and the technical aspects of the SAMI project range from system design to sea experiments and real
performance evaluation:

- evaluation of the performance of various array processing architecture;

- scaled tank experiments of the overall bathymetry system; - mock-up systems using wide-band transducers;

- improvement of the stability of the towed fish used in
the ACID project;

- accurate measurement of fish navigation;

- sea experiments on well known areas;

- real time processing on board: echo processing image
display and storage.

The results obtained at sea by means of the mock-up will be
used to evaluate the relative merits of array processing and will be compared to the data obtained in both simulation and tank scaled experiments.
The expected outcome of this project a high performance tool, validated with both simulated and real data, that could also be used to design any type of imaging system operated under
various (smooth or severe) sea conditions.

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