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Environmental risks from large-scale ecological research in deep sea; a desk study


RISKER is a desk study to evaluate oceanographic research as environmental impact.

All oceanographic work at sea causes some degree of environmental impact. But the collection of samples for conventional research normally involves such small volumes that its impact can be considered negligible.

However, the increasing interest in the deep sea is forcing oceanographers to address new questions and to employ larger-scale research methods.
Thus, precautionary evaluation of deep-sea mining and the use of the deep ocean for the permanent disposal of various categories of waste require large-scale experimental approaches. To obtain results which will allow extrapolation to full-scale mining and dumping activities may disturb the environment to an unacceptable extent.

The project will describe actual and potential uses of the deep sea. In each case, the nature and scale of the necessary precautionary research will be described and the likely environmental impact assessed.

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