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Berm breakwater structures


The overall objective of the research project on berm breakwater structures is to arrive at a better design basis, which will bring the design standards of berm breakwaters up to the level of design standards for other civil engineering structures. This objective will be reached by establishing an understanding of the physics of berm breakwaters, studies of problems related to practical engineering applications, and studies of three-dimensional effects.

The research is a combination of theoretical work, physical model testing and numerical modelling and is divided into four tasks:

- Physics of berm breakwaters; study of scale effects, flow on and in berm breakwaters, water particle velocities, and forces on single stones on a berm breakwater.

- Studies of profile development; numerical modelling related both to engineering and research aspects and establishment of a new set of parameter equations for the developed profile of berm breakwaters.
- Studies of structural aspects of berm breakwaters; investigation of toe and scour protection stability, analysis of the experience from prototype berm breakwaters and probabilistic analysis of the stability of berm breakwater structures.

- Three-dimensional effects; physical model testing and numerical modelling for studying the stability of berm breakwater roundheads and trunk sections exposed to oblique wave attack.

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