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Surveillance intégrée des pollutions chroniques et accidentelles en mer : analyse préalable des besoins appliquée à une mer régionale


This study is the first step of the ARCOBLEU project, aiming to implement an operational pilot system for integrated surveillance of chronic and accidental marine pollution affecting regional seas. Development of such a system will require employment of advanced communication and information techniques, successfully used over the last few years in other industrial sectors.
The ARCOBLEU complete architecture will be multi-source / multi-user, organised around Control and Surveillance Centres (CSC), one per participating region or country, interconnected over dedicated data links. These centres will integrate the collected data from which they will synthesis in real time synoptic images of the present situation and, upon demand, predict its evolution. The first pilot is intended to be implemented in the Corso-Liguro-Provencal basin (High Tyrrhenian sea), selected for its great demonstrative value.

This study aims to evaluate the feasibility of such a system, through the following steps:
- Definition of the study methodology and system utility criteria.
- Analysis of the most efficient existing marine pollution surveillance systems, consisting in a world-wide state of the art. Special attention will be paid to the surveillance systems supported by the EC such as ENVIRONET / ECASE COAST, EUROMAR / SEAWATCH, EUROMAR / MAIRMED...
- Inventory of the operational marine surveillance systems on the ARCOBLEU pilot area.
- Analysis of the requirements, by means of an exhaustive survey among the potential users of the system followed by a study based on system demonstration models analysed by selected users organised in thematic groups.
- Elaboration of the System Requirement Specifications, from which will be derived the System
- Functional Specifications and identification of the Critical Points of the system development .

The final report will synthesis the gained results and will include recommendations for the next phases of the ARCOBLEU project.
The major parts of the study such as methodology, state of the art and identification of critical points of the system development will be fully transposable or at least very useful for the definition of the requirements of any marine pollution surveillance system.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Institut Français de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer (IFREMER)

83507 La Seyne-sur-mer

Participants (3)

Alenia Elsag Sistemi Navali SpA
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Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)
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