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Novel instrumentation for real-time monitoring using miniaturized flow systems with integrated biosensors


The ultimate goal is the development of a Total Chemical Analysis System (TAS) incorporating integrated biosensor arrays, for detection for clinical and industrial purposes. The initial objective is to design a new instrumental approach by producing a functional model for TAS. This model will combine miniaturised in-vivo sample microdialysis, ex-vivo sample transport and preparation using flow injection analysis and measurement using integrated biosensor technology for real-time measurement of clinically important analyses (particularly lactate/glucose).

Critical biochemical parameters requiring in-vivo monitoring are lactate and glucose. Glucose is important in diabetes care and lactate in a broad range of clinical conditions especially during and post surgery. The project concentrates on lactate but the measurement procedures to be developed will have far wider applicability.

The concept of in-vivo sampling by microdialysis and transport to an ex-vivo site for assay, facilitates the calibration of sensors in clinical usage. Once developed the microdialysis system in conjunction with sensors could also be used in biotechnology industrial process control and environmental fields. The functional model TAS, could form the basis for prototype production with the basis for commercialisation. Practical benefits to be derived from development of a miniaturised TAS include the ability to analyse samples having small volumes, increased speed of analysis and reduction in consumption of reagents which may be expensive and harmful to the environment.


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