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Certification of PCDD and PCDF in a fly ash


The significance of validated analytical methodology and reference materials for monitoring PCDD and PCDF in fly ash has since long been recognized by the European Community. A sequence of BCR-supported intercomparisons since has resulted in a progressive improvement of expertise with respect to the analysis of PCDD and PCDF in this type of material, as reflected by a recent and successful certification exercise on a fly ash extract by the dioxin working group. The present project aims at completing the above mentioned step-by-step approach by organizing the certification of a fly ash candidate reference material. The project includes: (i) a study of the extraction procedures for fly ash by means of an intercomparison exercise and (ii) the preparation of a suitable candidate reference material, including a homogeneity and stability study which are currently being performed.

The material will be certified by the beginning of 1995.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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