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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Reference Collection of Physico-Chemical and Spectroscopic Data for Positive Lists Additives for Plastic Foodcontact Materials


The European Community gives in Synoptic Document 7 a positive list of additives that can be used for the production of food contact plastics. This Synoptic Document anticipates as a basis for a directive on additives for food contact plastics.
Several studies are carried out in the scope of the EU legislation to relate the maximum level of residual substance in the finished plastics (Qm limit) and /or the maximum amount of substance permitted to migrate into foods or simulants under defined conditions (SML limit).
The first step in these investigations is the identification of the compound in the plastic. This project delivers spectral and physicochemical data for this identification.

A collection of the 100 most important additives for food contact plastics will be obtained from industry as reference substances. The selection will be based on the list in the synoptic document. Physico-chemical and spectral data will be recorded for these substances. This will include chromatomatographic retention indices, mass spectra, infra-red spectra, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectra. These spectra together with the data from the suppliers will be collated as a supplement to the handbook of monomers and starting materials which was prepared under a previous contract.
The recording and comparison of the spectra has been finished.
Industry has agreed with the compouds selected for the collection. Some physico-chemical data have still to be checked.
The book will be published by Kluwer Academic Publishers
The consortium will decide in collaboration with the Commission and industry what are the most important hundred substances. Basis for the selection will be the usage, any Qm or SML limits in place or proposed, intrinsic likelihood of migration and the need to have these substances available. The coordinator will collect the samples.
The spectra are recorded by two participants of the project and a comparison will be made. Data sheets will be made.


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