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Andasol 50 MWe Eurotrough Solar Thermal Plant with Thermal Storage in the Marquesado Valley (Granada, Spain)


ANDASOL's main objective is the implementation of a privately owned and financed 32 MWe solar thermal power plant that will produce annually 65 GWhe of clean, emission-free solar electricity in Southern Spain. ANDASOL will demonstrate for the first time on a utility-scale two major innovative advancements of solar thermal technology, that both been developed with EU Support: The EUROTrough technology and the DISS (Direct Solar Steam) technology. The ANDASOL proposers feel confident of cutting the related solar thermal investment costs with this design down to 2,195Euro/kW and by this gaining competitive edge over U.S. American consortia in current GEF/Worldbank sponsored projects in the Southern Mediterranean.

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