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Better infrastructures for rural development


This Project will identify a feasible technical strategy for the provision of infrastructures to support Advanced telematic services in rural areas. This strategy will be based on the analysis of potential applications in rural areas and the possibilities of new technologies. Although main thrust for advanced telematics is expected to come from business use and concentrate on urban areas, new technologies and applications developed originally for those purposes can and should be applied in rural areas.

The challenge is to define what kind of introduction strategy offers optimal solutions both for end users and network operators. The strategy will be based on the analysis of different technologies and on applications requirements and user reference models. Specific rural needs for technology will be considered and all available technologies will be taken into account as well as existing infrastructures. Interworking of different technologies and evolution aspects will be covered. It is expected that 2 Mbit/s systems can be exploited effectively in rural areas to offer "IBC" services combined with high bit-rate technologies for the provision of cost effective implementation of new advanced services. Although this Project concentrates on technical strategy, the application and usage issues will be addressed with input from RACE application projects.

BIRD is divided into three main research topics: Development of Rural Requirement Model; Technological Feasibility Studies and Rural Network Evolution Planning. For development of a Rural Requirement Model, rural users will be identified and their differences and needs, by comparison with urban areas, assessed. For Technological Feasibility Studies, trade offs associated with the various technology choices will be identified taking into account the requirements defined above. Rural Network Evolution Planning will draw on the work on the two above topics and use techno economic evaluation techniques. Case Studies based on real applications in RACE will be used to evaluate the Evolution Scenarios defined.


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