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(Re)Storation of (B)Ladder Function By N(E)Uroprostheti(C)S (Rebec)


Over 85% of all patients with traumatic spinal cord lesions suffer from Neutrogena incontinence. This disability is a dismal condition that invariably leads to a poor quality of life. Neuromodulation can be a beneficial treatment option in these patients. Investigations on the affectivity of selective, conditional and external neuromodulation will be performed. Clinical, scientific and engineering tasks will handle selective, conditional and external neuromodulation and lead to a multichannel stimulator and also optimised stimulation parameters. The objective is a complete neuromodulation device for implantation as well as improved neuromodulation techniques and surgical procedures. Knowledge on neuropsychological staging in this patient group will be acquired to ensure optimum patient selection for this type of treatment. The developed techniques will ensure the rapid rehabilitation of these disabled patients.

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