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Mechatronic upgrade & wheelchair integration of the service manipulator the arm


The Arm, a product of the main propose, is a wheelchair-mounted rnanipulator that serves disabled who lack hand and arm function. Using the Arm, the end-users regain a certain degree of their independence, as they are enabled toper form daily tasks on their own. Arm and users consider this of great importance for their lives. The project concerns the upgrade of the Arm and its gripper based on the users' demands. The goal of the project is to deliver a new product improving accuracy to 0.5mm weight to 12kg, payload to o.k. operating noise to 40dB, adding force control feedback on a modular gripper, and achieving a reduction of the price to 17500Euros. Achieving the goalproposers will sell a unique product, and the end-users will get an innovative aid that would drastically improve their quality of life. Exact Dynamics BV, aims the redesign of the Arm mechanic drives, drive electronics and sensors. Neon Ltd, targets the development of the modular force feedback gripper. Experienced RTD performers will enhance the consortium. The project is of highest strategic importance to both Sees, as the gripper and the manipulator are their key products.

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