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Low salted dry-cured meat products from frozen raw material


There is a general agreement about the importance of the foodstuffs on both, health and its sensitivity for illness (diseases). In the opinion of many experts, the most important chronic diseases, which damage to the society, are related to foodstuffs. For example, hypertension is strongly related to hyper sodium diets (diets with high content in salt). This has caused an increasing interest of the meat products producers in reducing the salt content. On the other hand, the current surplus of meat in the markets motivates a greater production of frozen meat processing with this frozen material implicates important technological differences which are still unknown in the case of the dry-cured meat products. The main purpose of this project is to study the influence of raw meat freezing on the industrial production of raw dry cured meat products and its effect over textural, physic-chemical and organoleptic characteristics of typical products such as, ham, cuppa, salami, chorizo and loin with low salt content. Schematically, the Sees involved in the project will deal with swine production, slaughtering and meat processing under supervised condition. The research centres will be involved in the experimental distich, sample collection and analysis, data

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