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Fishery resources assessment innovation


The depletion of marine resources, especially the main anchovy species and the EU regulations eventually suggests an abatement of the economy that is anchovy dependent. An alternative is proposed: anchovy substitute production from blue and whitefish. Developing will attain this. in Step 2, a RTD plan to process anchovy preserve substitute. It will comprehend the development of an innovative food product to apply to the previous made fish paste. This product will be ingrained into that paste to provide it with the same organoleptic traits as those of the anchovy. Additionally, a set of non-available-market machinery shall be designed and developed to process this new product. New instruments, tools and processes shall be coupled to machines that are currently available in the market after the required design. The expected main results will be the development of a new and nutritious food, the reduction of the fishing pressure on the Cantatrice and Mediterranean anchovy, already scarce, the betterment of the anchovy industry bandit's sustenance and the development of a food process rather more environmentally friendly.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Poligono Industrial "La Pesquera" N°12
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