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On-line measurement tool for automatic control of must fermentation process in wine industry


The ELEN-TOOL system will represent a great benefit for wine industry and consumers. In fact, it will allow to continuously monitoring the must evolution to wine. This will be an outstanding advantage for wine producers, since it will prevent from deviations in wine characteristics (bad quality of wine) and contribute to better the corporate image thanks to the improved quality of the products. Furthermore, it will represent a benefit also for the consumers that won’t anymore incur in faulty bottles. The technology implemented in such a tool is more than competitive with the current systems available on the market since it is characterised not only by high reliability, easy in use, automation but most of all it could monitor many parameters (current systems only monitor few parameters, usually temperature, pH and alcohol) and complex aromas that are critical for wine quality. Moreover it do not imply chemical treatment or solvent, hence it is environmental friendly and contribute to better employees working conditions.

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